Zara Moussa — Kirari

Zara Moussa

Face A



Ma Rage

Tout Va De Travers

Doukou Jaye

Ghetto Boy-Girl

Face B




Mate Gate


Femme Rurale

Best rap from Niger I’ve ever heard. Zara Moussa does everything so well on this early recording. The production is compelling and combines local and worldly perspectives. She raps in zarma and maybe hausa? i dont know, let me know. Buy her music on Amazon.

4 responses to “Zara Moussa — Kirari”

  1. Thomas says:

    There is much music I like more but this fact shouldn’t hinder me to inform you, title 5 + 6 are swapped

  2. xavier says:

    Most of her lyrics are in french language. Very clever and intelligent. She talks mainly about women and youth in africa. she’s got lot’s of personality.

  3. Conor Ellis says:

    Love the song Tabusize. She has a very compelling delivery across the album. Great tape!

  4. parent r says:

    Puissiez vous m’offrir un palais de quiétude où la fin’amor soit un plaisir chaste délié de tout transgréssif

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