Wassoulou Fênin Vol. 1

Face A

  1. Signana Tôlun
  2. Djigui
  3. Diarabi

Face B

  1. Deli Naban
  2. Araba Dô

Malian electro-acoustic neo-traditional pop at its best! Love, love, love this. I’ve never heard anything about this band but it reminds me of rambling around the Sahelian countryside in vehicles of all shapes, sizes and sounds. Produced by the legendary AS Records in Abidjan.

3 responses to “Wassoulou Fênin Vol. 1”

  1. Matthew says:

    Listening to this one right now. Great stuff. Simple and deeply satisfying.

  2. Matthew says:

    Listening to this one as I type this. Great stuff, simple and satisfying. Thanks

  3. Matthew says:

    That’s right, i like it so much, i said it two times

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