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Tic Tac – “Philomena” from the cassette, Philomena


Tic Tac is one of Ghana’s most visible hip-hop artists. Originally touted as Ghana’s answer to Busta Rhymes, Tic Tac has evoled into a frosty-tipped, micro-dread with the husky, but smooth voice that waxes romantic to a plastic beat. More recent albums depart from his intital penchant for hardcore rapping, instead working with highlife and slicker production. He teamed up with another frosty-dreaded singer/rapper from Nigeria named Tony Tetuila on his last album Wo Pe?.

Tic Tac then…

And now.

Philomena” is a classic that may now be considered old school hiplife (if there is such a thing). It’s the Tic Tac of old: rapping over minimal beats with witty, creative ideas.

Philomena is a girl who happens to have bad personal hygiene. She’s got hair in her armpits and in her private area. This is gross (to most Ghanaians). Therefore, Philomena is gross.

There’s a dance that motions to these areas during the part that goes, “Nwie waha, nwie waha, nwie waha, OH! [Hair here, hair there…]”.

This song was huge for a while when it came out in 2001. Tic Tac remains huge.


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Tic Tac is amazing!

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