Face 1
Donia Regarega
Atero Amy Babana
Sanga Sirana
Dady Ropilany

Face 2
Zegny Vaovao
Tsiakafara Tody
Vola Parata
Doudou Fini
Zaho Tanora + Iadan’i Toto
Eka Lemarijy (1ère partie)

Dance the night away like you’re in Tananarive, Madagascar. This tape is from 1991. Thanks to Jon for the hook up.

14 responses to “Tianjama”

  1. Mr. P says:

    fire! Haven’t heard much music from madascar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Brian and John

    a little sidenote:

    Doudou Fini
    Zaho Tanora + Iadan’i Toto are both Doudou Fini, the title as well as the music.

  3. JU ML says:

    What kind of music is this? Is it a Madagascar varient of soukous or something different? Its light and airy and it making moving house bearable.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Track 11 has the same hyperlink as track 10.

  5. Yes, but it’s so good to hear. I like the rhythm.

  6. Dag says:

    Great music

    Thanks :-)

    Any link for the track: Zaho Tanora + Iadan’i Toto ?


    Dag ( Norway )

  7. thursdayborn says:

    ok i think i fixed the link confusion for those two songs on side B.

  8. Wonderful music. Many thanks for sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.

  9. Dag says:

    Working fine now

    Thanks again



  10. airaddicts says:

    Thank you! Great post!

  11. imisango says:

    great stuff!

  12. thanks very much i am looking for something like this ask you to transfer this to my website.


  13. Superhomem says:

    Great blog, man!
    Im from Bahia – Brazil, and looking for african sounds in last months, to know better the real influence of the music made in my region.
    Thanx for these pearls!

    Pablo Luz.

  14. Sjef says:

    Nice one! The style like in ‘Sabina’ is called Watcha-Watcha, a take on Kenyan Benga music :)

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