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Singer Souleymane Faye has been around for years as a member of Xalam and later intermittent solo records and comebacks with standing engagements at key Dakar mbalax landmarks like Just 4 You. This veers off from the mbalax norm into a polished cosmopolitan synthy smooth pop blend. Modern lovers rejoice for this soulful grown-n-sexy Senegal funk. This 1991 recording is for keyboard and electronic vibe enthusiasts (track 3 is weak though, might steer clear of that one).

5 responses to “Souleymane Faye”

  1. Mouhamadou says:

    That’s my tape, man. I used to shake my butt like crazy with this album thanks to my dad. Thanks for the post.

  2. Andy says:

    this is so nice!! thank you for making this available!

  3. Maxxi says:

    What’s ‘Just 4 You’? Sounds interesting. I’m on the look out for any Dakar Mbalax Landmarks, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

  4. Henrik says:

    The Lambada-Version is amazing!

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