Shumba Ratshega – Makhirikhiri

Face A

Face B

This stuff is a big deal in Botswana.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ sets coming up: BPM in Williamsburg on Saturday, April 3 with No Small Money Brass Band and Cake Shop on Monday, April 12 with my homies MI AMI plus Soft Circle Hunters and Drawlings.

12 responses to “Shumba Ratshega – Makhirikhiri”

  1. Alex says:

    Hey there. This blog is amazing! I spent all of last night downloading a wide selection of stuff from here and it’s all so good! Any chance you could post that Hip-Dia tape you mentioned awhile back?

  2. Nice one. I’ll bet “AIDS” is a hot jam. Thanks for posting.

  3. thursdayborn says:

    hi alex, i will post that tape asap…good call! forgot about that one.

    coixt records: most awkward comment ever?

  4. gih says:

    That’s a great collection man. So cool.

  5. kirkley says:

    got some wicked tapes for you — from Kidal! if you want anything else from Mauritania, let me know, I’ll be back in Brooklyn in two weeks, inchallah. We’ll have to meet. Cheers,


  6. Anonymous says:

    Great finds! You should try packaging the tapes in full to make it easier on us, your readers

  7. Cosplay?


    Awesome post Thursday. Thanks a lot for this. South African music is always upfull. And gets my foot tapping. cheers from Miami. Cole

  8. aakjaer says:

    Nice Tape – especially my little daughter (15 months old loves it!!!), might be the animals you can hear on the tape – thank you for ripping it.

  9. G Logan says:

    heard you on NPR, check Columbus, Ohio for Somalii music

  10. joe says:

    thanks for the great music

  11. john says:

    Latest new about shumba band 2016 2017

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