Om Alec Khaoli SAY YOU LOVE ME




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LP and CD reissue of the rare pop/modern soul masterpiece Om Alec Khaoli “Say You Love Me”, recorded in 1985 and remastered for this ATFA release.

Say You Love Me wasn’t “Om” Alec Khaoli’s first solo recording but the 1985 EP solidified the bass player and songwriter’s standing as one of South Africa’s most consistently innovative pop auteurs. He built a career on ubiquitous rock, pop and soul hits with groundbreaking bands like the Beaters, Harari and Umoja. But Khaoli’s seemingly endless fountain of music continued outside these ensembles, where he usually played bass and contributed songwriting and vocals.

The dance-floor appeal of his previous hit solo works was unmistakable but Say You Love Me presented things in a more mellow tenor. Being the first South African to take control his recording process with his home studio and thereby free himself from one of apartheid’s many strictures, Khaoli took his vision of music to new realms and made timeless music for the dance floor in the process.


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CD – $9, LP – $18