Salah Mustafa

Salah Mustafa, a musician from Sudan

Side A


Side B


Sudanese legend among the old guard of the new-school-ish artists who helped bring traditional songs and swagger into the modern era. Performing in all manner of ensembles and formats, Salah Mustafa has had a long career. This collection of songs scratches the surface on a vast world of great music that is pretty hard to find outside Sudan and it’s immediate neighborhood, unless you’re nimble with copying and pasting Arabic into google and riding the wave of amazing, labyrinthine free streaming sites…

3 responses to “Salah Mustafa”

  1. Tim Abdellah says:

    This is delightful! Thank You!

  2. Rudy Carrera says:

    The label just gets better and better. It was great to hear you on Bandcamp Radio, and I look forward to following the label’s progress!

  3. Es muy buena la música! Saludos desde Argentina.

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