Roi Alekpehanhou — Sato Na Hangna

Face A

Sato Na Hangna

Milo Ko Di Hèssi

Mi Na Tounwoun Mide Bo É Glo

Mi Wè Non Hin So Mi


Face B

Awo! Méwito!

E Non Lin Gnla Nou Mi A

Na Zan Gbé Tché d’Alissa Mè

A Yanou Dodo!


The subject of a previous post, the Roi du Zinli Renove, as he is known in Benin, merits an additional look. His music is heavy. The massive ensemble is technically beyond reproach. Extended/repeated listening is rewarded. And the spiritual and historic background of what he’s doing—traditional Fon music full proverbs, praise and death-related ritual—are worth a read. All hail drums and reflection and the message.

2 responses to “Roi Alekpehanhou — Sato Na Hangna”

  1. Klatsoot says:

    This tape is killer. Is track 2 really only 4 seconds long?

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. ua says:

    ill stuff
    pls fix track 2
    thank you

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