Professor Rhythm — Bafana Bafana

Professor Rhythm

Mbaqanga and Kwaito and Proto House from 1990s South Africa.

Back in April of last year when I visited South Africa, I found a tape by Professor Rhythm I’d never sen before. When I met Thammi Mdluli for coffee later that week, he didn’t even remember this recording. Bafana Bafana is a very special album and I wanted to re-release it so we worked together to get this out last summer. It’s received a lot of love from chiller and dance-floor-killers alike.  These Professor Rhythm recordings are so interesting and distinctive in the way they blend international house music with local pop styles in an instrumental-oriented format (although many songs feature some vocals).


Professor Rhythm “Bafana Bafana” is out now on LP/CD/Tape/Digital!


2 responses to “Professor Rhythm — Bafana Bafana”

  1. Sound Shelter says:

    Now available to buy on vinyl from Sound Shelter

  2. Bafana bafana forever, love it

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