Oliver Mtukudzi – Kuvhaira

Side One
Rudo Ndinarwo
Ucharoya Chete

Side Two
Mupfuhwira Rudo
Makanganwa Here!

I saw in the news Mugabe is at death’s doorway. Here’s to hoping for freedom for all in Zimbabwe ASAP. Let’s pray the bozos who’ve been propping the Old Man up the last few years don’t take over.

10 responses to “Oliver Mtukudzi – Kuvhaira”

  1. I have a vinyl of Tuku, “Sugar pie”. Fantastic music, thanks for sharing.

    PS: I finally posted this comment after 3 captchas…

  2. Tuku! Oh, I love this. Do you have the date when this tape was recorded?

  3. moos says:

    no more downloads here ?

  4. Excellent music. Many thanks.

    Deejay Moos – right click on the title and select ‘save link as’ {or similar command} to download all the music.

    Apurva from Pune, India.

  5. samuel says:

    great record, thanks for sharing!

  6. Samuel S. says:

    This is a real hidden gem. Wonderful stuff. Do you know when it was recorded?

  7. mads brenøe says:

    I have the vinyl edition of this in mint condition that I want to sell. Where do I do that?

  8. Stephanie says:

    Guys, thank you really much for what you do.
    You do justice to great music and musicians, and you fill the heart of gold miners like mine with joy.
    Brigh blessings to all

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