Number One de Dakar ’83 — Vol. 3 Al Thiaka

Side 1

Al Thiaka


Mbery Ndao

Side 2


Dieke Ngoukeu


1970s/80s Senegalese mbalax rarely gets old to me. Is it the dusty electric guitar expositions? these soulful, acrobatic vocals? the jazzily-phrased yet kick-out-the-jams, bombastic drum stabs? I have only listened to this 1.5 times but that was enough to warrant sharing this lesser traded gem by a classic ensemble of the Dakar scene.

13 responses to “Number One de Dakar ’83 — Vol. 3 Al Thiaka”

  1. Xavier says:

    Wonderful, thank you !

    • Mouhamadou says:

      An album that I was looking for. It wasn’t like the Number One from the mid 70’s (which can be understood since Youssou N’Dour was building a solid reputation in terms of Mbalax back then), but it’s still worth listening to.

      • Mouhamadou says:

        It would be much apprecitated from my side if Vol 4, which I believe was their last album before they split up was posted.

  2. STEVE says:


  3. Jeremy says:


  4. aduna says:

    Very appreciated. Many thanks

  5. EZ says:

    WOW… Give thanks. This album is awsome, and this all website is a treasure.
    Respect to you, for bringing up such a great music and saving it from vanishing.

  6. Reinoud says:

    Truly a gem. Thanks!

  7. Gerome says:

    Wonderful! Great stuff!

  8. Marco says:

    Absolutely great.
    Thanks for this great work!

  9. Hugo says:

    The links are not working any more, can you fix it please?
    This Site is pure pleasure Btw

  10. Adam says:

    Thanks so very much for this phenomenal recording and for all the work you’ve put into the website! I’ve been learning great things and listening tons! And dancing!
    All the best from Toronto —

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