Nokwazi — Thula

Side 1


Yin’ Uthando



Ihlabeni! Niyilawule


Side 2


Isoka Lami

Inkomo Yami


Thula Mphikeni


What’s that? It’s the sound of really good Zulu soul melodies over tight and mellow beats. Someone recently sent me a package of South African pop cassettes and this has been on my home stereo repeatedly.

Please note: the overblown/peaking sound on side two is on the original tape, I tried to correct it in the digitizing process to no avail.

8 responses to “Nokwazi — Thula”

  1. Christoph + Christine Lüscher says:

    Wow, what a surprise! I did know before, that the Zulus are such talented Folks, but this singer really merrits to heard internationaly!
    Yin’ Uthando is a hit!
    I would love to hear more of her, (hopefully in better sound-quality…)
    Thanks for this site!

  2. Peter Battye says:

    OK, I never comment on websites. Nokwazi is awesome. Every track on this cassette is a gem. I cannot imagine just how successful this lady would be if she had worldwide exposure. The two levels of backing vocals is stupendous.
    It has been three or four weeks since I downloaded this record, and everytime I try to listen to any other record, I stop and go back to Nokwazi.
    If you have other tapes from this lady, please post them.
    Thanks, Peter

  3. turner says:

    did she sample baabbu maan’s Saun Di Jhadi for the first track sophie? that “ahh” sounds the same just pitched up a bit. that would be some crazy cross pollination.

  4. Zain H says:

    Very uplifting and fun material!

  5. Good says:

    I like it it so awesome

  6. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure this is bio is of the same artist (the pictures look the same).

  7. Rick Thorpe says:

    Good to hear this, thanks!

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