Mbilia Bel — Phénomene

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Manzil Manzil

Cher Ami


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Sans Frontiere

This 1988 recording by Mbilia Bel—the seminal, trailblazing Congolese singer—is a great if left-field example of why she is special. As her voice lilts atop the slightly arty and progressive soukous arrangements, can’t not feel like dancing/blissing. Voice like warm butter, guitars like sweet birds, super-dry minimal percussion, slap-bass accents. A less obvious Mbilia Bel tape that is just doing it for me at the moment.

8 responses to “Mbilia Bel — Phénomene”

  1. Felix says:

    Love this one!
    (+ cheers from Lille : )

  2. tiffany267 says:

    Wow, what a wonderful sound. Thank you for this website! I’m really enjoying discovering these musicians :)

  3. i love it…keep it up…thankyou for doing these things

  4. Speaking for myself and the rest of us who have spent hour on this website! We all appreciate the effort you have gone to provide us with all this, i am thoroughly enjoying surfing your page. A big thank you and bow of appreciation!

    Bruno Gabriel – Angola

  5. Mylene D'Aloia says:

    Please release this one on LP!!! Thanks for your great work and for making us discover some new (old) music from Africa!

  6. m1bm7ti235 says:

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  7. VALESKI says:

    Awesome job man! I ve been looking for these priceless ageless tunes from the masters of african super rhythm.

  8. Marie-France Vodikulwakidi says:

    This is my childhood! Whoa!!!

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