Madiodio Gning — Sultanu Arifine

Madiodio Gning Sultanu Arifine

Face A

Sultanu Arifine

Kuy Def Lou Bakh

Doom Dou Bakh

Lamdou Lamdoubi

Face B

Andou Diamonodji

Nila Waramel



Powerful female singer from Senegal seeking listeners to vibe to this. Inquire within.

5 responses to “Madiodio Gning — Sultanu Arifine”

  1. Great music!

    By the way, can we order Dur-Dur Band’s limited cassette edition before its release?

  2. John B. says:

    Very good indeed–thanks for posting this. I hope others will find their way here to hear this.

  3. ninjakatz says:

    awesome indeed…

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