M’Hamed Dammou

M’Hamed Dammou 

Side A

Side B

Amazigh dreams from Casablanca by one of the long-time crucial practitioners. Dude’s been playing in amazing ensembles for decades and this solo outing from more recent years is hitting me pretty hard right about now.

Anyone able to translate the album and song titles for us?

5 responses to “M’Hamed Dammou”

  1. 3 alphabets in 1 cassete. An albsolutely awesome tape!!

  2. Hammer says:

    Moulay Am’hmad Dammou – Lalla La’roussa (‘Lalla The Bride’; a wedding-song cassette).

    1.) Lalla La’roussa.
    2.) La’Shiyach, Ou La La’Awliya.
    3.) Asif Eldid Igradin Esentil Wakal.
    4.) Ah Eklin Abu Nit Wra Tinjahit.


  3. meriem says:

    the text in orange and yellow on the front says ” the star of amazigh music”
    then in blue
    Moulay (“sir”)Am’hmad Dammou
    great tape!

  4. mar says:

    This is amazing, thanks for sharing

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