Legesse Abdi — Vol. 7

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Oh my, here is some unforgettable Oromo massinko guru goodness from legendary musician <strike>azmari (Ethiopian griot)</strike>, Legesse Abdi. This video of him with less hair is a great illustration of how Ethiopian folk music forms (as in above) easily/eventually transform into a pop music soundtrack to life in that beautiful country. I can’t recall ever hearing mainstream Western pop music during my travels there, just stuff like this and beyond.

When I saw this tape in a shop in Ethiopia and saw Abdi’s hair and then listened to about 13 seconds of the distorted massinko and semi-strung-out, plaintive vocals, I knew this one had to come home with me.


Bonus: here is Legesse Abdi on a call in talk show (with incredible vintage footage), if you speak Amharic or don’t mind skimming through the video, you might enjoy this extra time with the man. (Hint: the song at 1:07 is insane, wait for the beat to drop.)

10 responses to “Legesse Abdi — Vol. 7”

  1. Abdi Nuressa says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a chance to listen to this beautiful songs. I’m also an Oromo artist who lives here in the USA and these kinds of songs specially Affan Oromo is so difficult to find in an Ethiopian stores.

  2. adugna says:

    Wow…he is amazing and innovative typical singer of the century! We love him…..he is hero of cultural songs(Masanqoo!
    Long live for L.Abdi

  3. mengis says:

    I am an Eritrean with little knowledge of Oromo culture and song’s I am glad to listen to Legessa Abdi song’s and I hope people will post old oromo song’s to be shared by many others.

  4. Hile Michael says:

    What a momory I dot listen oromia but love its music. Specialy oldies like abitoo ali bira…. Thank you for this web.

  5. mike el says:

    thank you for making this music available to me and the rest of the plugged in world… this is a blessing to hear and read about… I make hip hop music and i listen to all kinds of music… i definitely want to sample these powerful vocals and the sound of that stringed instrument…

    much thanks

  6. Ferdows says:

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these tapes.

    Discovered so much good music here :)

  7. Eri3 says:

    Great music.
    Actually it’s not his own hair, as one might suspect from the linked video. Rather, it’s a head-dress traditionally worn by Oromo warriors: https://www.flickr.com/photos/larkvi/3209388329/

  8. Habtamu B says:

    Thank u for posting such old and great African afaan Orono music.I got a chance to listen this old music from your post!

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