Lat Mbaye — Gueusseum

Face A

Gueusseum (Salam Diallo)

Leumbelou Lat Mbaye

Tama Yeugoul (Peace in Peace)

Yeungeul 2001

Baye Fall


Face B


Tiopéte Tegné Né

Respect (Toukou)

Teckno Ac Tama

Bonus Dialgati


Just fucking knock-out mbalax drums and tangents within that galaxy of rhythm and sound. The teckno track is a heavy zone. I have no idea what this tape is but it is pretty much heaven the whole way through.

9 responses to “Lat Mbaye — Gueusseum”

  1. glinka21 says:

    Thank you!

  2. Mouhamadou says:

    The first track is the shit. Haven’t danced in it for the past 14 years. Thanks man.

  3. Hi, thanks. I I agree with Mouhamadou! regards PD

  4. Ghost FM says:

    sounds amazing. and that doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Quaju says:

    Lat M’Baye is a griot from Mbour, Senegal. He’s currently living in Catalonia, he has been playing with different bands in the area.

  6. Ryan says:

    This entire tape is great. Really feeling it…

  7. Dem says:

    So nice, good feeling !
    Love the first track :D
    For those who don’t understand, the first sentence he
    tells in this track is in French, and it means
    “The early bird catches the worm !” or litterally
    “The future belongs to those who get up early !” in French.
    Feeling the good energy ? Yeah !

  8. Nicholas says:

    What year was this released?

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