Juma Nature – Nini Chanzo?

Side A
Wimbi La Njaa (2001 Remix)
Jinsi Kijana

Side B
Nini Chanzo
Juu Kwa Juu
Hili Game
Jinsi Kijana (Remix)
Haya we
Wimbi La Njaa (2000 Remix)

Harry from Manchester sent me a package of tapes from Dar-Es-Salaam recently with a note saying he hoped they reached me. Dear Harry: they reached me, and all three Tanzanian rap cassettes are pretty chill. THANKS.

So here’s some Tanzanian bongo flava from the early aughties, the debut recording from Juma Nature. If you’re into African rap, this is a pretty epic tape. Why do I love old school rap from Africa so much? Things have developed across the continent such that these tapes make me feel like I’m listening to Masta Ace or Rakim, kinda out-dated-sounding but so undeniably groundbreaking and jammin.

Awesome Tapes from Africa takes to the streets again soon:

25.11. NL Utrecht Le Guess Who Festival
26.11. NL Eindhoven STRP Festival
27.11. NL Amsterdam Rebel Up! Soundclash at Occii
30.11. DE Berlin Marie Antoinette (w/ MUNCH MUNCH)
02.12. DE Hamburg Golden Pudel Club (w/ BONGO DISCO)
03.12. UK Bristol Inbetween Time Festival (w/ MAHJONGG)
04.12. UK London Old Blue Last
05.12. UK Minehead All Tomorrow’s Parties
07.12. FI Tampere Telakka
08.12. FI Helsinki Club YK
09.12. FI Turku Bar Kuka
10.12. DK Copenhagen Global
11.12. DK Copenhagen Global

11 responses to “Juma Nature – Nini Chanzo?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Finally…you’re coming to Berlin (or maybe this time I noticed). Really looking forward to dancing to the tunes you’re going to play.

    All the best,

    Mzungu from Berlin

  2. intransit says:

    This one is awesome! Thanks!

  3. Kojo says:

    LINK FOR DOWNLOAD:http://snd.sc/cQQ3Wr This Is my first set of my fav Highlife songs… some from Nkrumah times and most from the Burger-Highlife era….which was the time I was born and my parents where kinda hip and having alot of parties back when we were living in South East London. If you like what you hear or didn’t hear something you thought you would leave a comment…cas most likely I got it or can get it within a couple of hours. check out my blog where from time to time I post tracks tracks from time to time…….citizins.tumblr.com

  4. ttv says:

    Is this an International record?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow, thank you for some Juma Nature I haven’t heard before. This rocks!

  6. Gehenna says:

    The atp set was great :D

  7. Anonymous says:

    what gemma said! could you post the atp setlist on your blog? there were so many great songs, i’d like to look them up.
    all the best from belgium!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glad they made it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    come play First Avenue in Minneapolis!

  10. yohana mwakyusa says:


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