Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument

The next Awesome Tapes From Africa LP release is by Hailu Mergia, the Ethiopian one-man-band accordion/keyboardist extraordinaire. Hailu made his name in Walias Band and later went on to do some visionary solo recordings. Hailu Mergia’s beautiful and surprising 1985 foray into traditional Ethiopian songs via analog synth, electric piano and accordion has been remastered and will be available June 25 on LP/CD/MP3/C60.


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  1. […] Wolde is a Gurage singer who worked with Roha Band, Dahlak Band (a group that featured Hailu Mergia) and others. As usual, YouTube holds the key to a spectrum of guragigna music videos and songs. […]

  2. […] beside Piccolo Rialto for some eclectic jazz by Henri-Pierre Noël and Ethiopian/Afrobeat music by Hailu Mergia & Low Mentality. It was quite a unique musical experience to have at Pop Montreal. Click below for more […]

  3. […] DC-based Ethiopian musician and superstar Hailu Mergia and his backing band from Brooklyn, Low Mentality, will grace the Atlas Performing Arts Center […]

  4. […] Chicano Batman,  politically-fueled latino punk band Las Cafeteras, Ethiopiques keyboard legend Hailu Mergia & Low Mentality, a bit of a lull and then at around 1 AM Chop & Quench playing Fela classics and their own […]

  5. […] bitingly funny son jarocho folk-punk group Las Cafeteras; Ethiopiques keyboard legend Hailu Mergia & Low Mentality; a bit of a lull and then at around 1 AM Chop & Quench playing Fela classics and their own […]

  6. […] cabdriver and playing his music at private events. But his music has attracted new attention since the Awesome Tapes From Africa label reissued a pair of his old recordings, which had been hard to find for many years. This past weekend, he played two shows in Chicago as […]

  7. […] in my neck of the woods, and Awesome Tapes From Africa is my rock. Hailu Mergia “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument” (ATFA006). Listen to “Shilela” here – for some reason, the embed’s not […]

  8. […] neoyorkino Brian Shimkowitz, fundador del sello Awesome Tapes from Africa. La reedición de Shemonmuyanaye/ Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument, de 1985, o del exitoso larga duración, Tche Belew, que Hailu grabó junto a la banda Walias en […]

  9. […] it’s fair to use that word here) Hailu Mergia. His previous unearthed 1985 album with his ‘classical instrument’ proved how eclectic he could be combining Moog, drum machines and accordion with familiar […]

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