Florence Namirimu — Ziba Bbiri

Florence Namirimu

Side 1

Ziba Bbiri


Mwami Togayala


Side 2



Olumbe Luzibu

Oh hi, here’s some music from Uganda called kadongo kamu and it’s very wonderful. Florence Namirimu is a killer and she burns through 6 tracks here, leaving you exhausted yet highly stimulated. I friended her on FB, lets see if she responds.

12 responses to “Florence Namirimu — Ziba Bbiri”

  1. Gregg A Evans says:

    So glad the river of gold is flowing once again.

  2. Skye says:

    Thank you!! Sounds great.

  3. Orion says:

    Does anyone know the year of release of this tape. Can’t find it online anywhere. Thanks. Cool tape.

  4. Peter says:

    Is it just me or is there a big glitch from the 3:30 mark on in the “Kyaanjale” track?

  5. Mansour Keita says:

    Please Ï have a record of one singer from guunea his name’s Djiba Tomboni Baba Djan and Ï don’t if it can be a helped to you or you don’t need it anyway Ï am in Ivory Coast in case you need it you can mail me

  6. francis kawees says:

    i love this track wao

  7. francis kawees says:

    naye i olso want to dance drams

  8. N,Shatz says:

    hi, please re-up 1 & 4 track

  9. KJEA radio says:

    Tracks 1 & 4 are not there.

  10. Kisekka doroth says:

    thanks for educating di nation mkwn

  11. mutyaba E says:

    i have a wedding where do i find you to dance on my wedding?

  12. Mfa Maji says:

    Title track missing

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