Efo Senyo — Amenuvela

Efo Senyo from Ghana

Side A

Madi Akpedaha

Edze na Bubu


Mose Vakplomi


Ele Yesu Me


Medo Nugbe

Side B

Iseal Mawue


Amekae Nya

Nye Dela Mawu

Dzifo To Vovo

Danu Loo

Sudui Bɔbɔe

Tɔ Kple Nɔ

Fimi Adela


Do you like drums, Ewe language and/or Jesus? Here’s a good tape for you from the Volta Region of Ghana, one of my favorite places on earth tbh. Borborbor music is so dope, click that link for much more important info. Also, some good photos and scans of other tapes here.

9 responses to “Efo Senyo — Amenuvela”

  1. kwadjo kuma says:

    borbor is life


    I love bor borbor song

  3. Prosper Gbordzoe says:

    I wanna download the songs please how will I download like this

  4. SENYO says:

    Excellent work

  5. Annie Adjei says:

    It good to be an ewe

  6. beasaga De Akatsi soja says:

    efo senyo I’m proud to be an Ewe because your song’s.#9

  7. beasaga De Akatsi soja says:

    I’m proud to be an Ewe because your song’s

  8. Teye Lawer says:

    Am very proud of you
    I really loved your songs.

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