Chorale Baoule Des 220 Lgts Yamoussoukro — Nanam Abraham

Face A

Nanam Abraham

Gnanmien Teli I Wun N’Da

Jesus Woli Marth I Awwlo Lo

Yasua Mun

Aman Waan O Kun Mardoche

Face B

Zif Mbe Kpenngben

Marth Seli Jesus Ke

Man Ju Aja

Nan Amun Ni Ben Nga

Gnanmien Teli I Won N’Da (Remix)

Christian Baoulé music from Central Côte d’Ivoire. Look out for some fiery electronic Baoulé coming soon on the ATFA label.

4 responses to “Chorale Baoule Des 220 Lgts Yamoussoukro — Nanam Abraham”

  1. Mr. Charles Crawford Stirk Jr says:

    Track 3,6,7,8 Not there

  2. Yow looks interesting any digital teaser available & will u do vinyl ?

  3. 🙃h silly me. Found the link.
    Wonderful 🤙🎲🙏

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