Breguo—Onyame Nkrabea Nwomkro

Side A

Mabre Magu

Dea Owuo Aye Me

Yadee Ye Ya

Owuo Aye Me Ade

Obaatan Pa

Agya Owuo


Side B

Akoma Akye Bom

Mebo Me Nsam

Gyidpe Na Ehia

Bonne Akatua


Abra Ham See Lsaac


If it weren’t for brisk cutlass (machete) business in the fields and forests of central Ghana, this tape might not have been made. The Addai Cutlass business helped do a lot of Christian-related good in and around Kumasi over the years. And this series of cassettes is one of the investments into local culture and economies made by entrepreneur Paul Addai. According to the liner notes, the band was formed in 1972 and has made 9 albums “in the Christian style.” The main dance music style heard here is called Adowa, which forms the basis for tons of essential hiplife songs and lively football chants.



2 responses to “Breguo—Onyame Nkrabea Nwomkro”

  1. David says:

    Looking forward to this. Last track is probably called “Abraham see Isaac” (old testament names!)

  2. Mylène D'Aloia says:

    This is pure HAPPINESS! Please release this in LP ;))

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