Bitsat Seyoum & Abebe Fekadu

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This duo record, which is common in Ethiopia, stars the lovely female vocalist Bitsat Seyoum and the prolific tenor Abebe Fekadu. For me sonically it exists in that great middle zone between synth and drum machine-driven and traditional/acoustic instrument-led melody. A combo of sorts that works wonderfully. These days a lot of contemporary music from all over Ethipia is all synthed out to a detrimental degree. This Azamri style music from Dire Dawa-based shop Negarit has all the soul you want with a bit of ’90s period-era dusty technical bling to give some edge. Learned about this from my friend Kidus in Addis.

7 responses to “Bitsat Seyoum & Abebe Fekadu”

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  2. Pauk says:

    Where can i buy this wonderfull album ?

  3. Eri3 says:

    Track 9 is a killer, “My love, where are you?”

  4. A.wondirad says:

    when will be on the market.

  5. balkihun diress says:

    lovely music

  6. Jess says:

    Bitsat now lives in Footscray Melbourne and has an amazing restaurant called Addis Ababa in Nicholson Street. She still performs around town, mainly at community gigs. She is an incredible woman and deserves all the recognition she can get!

  7. Hhhh says:

    You can download it using internet download manager

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