Asnakech Worku — Asnakech (featuring Hailu Mergia) Out November 16

Asnakech Worku's krar performances featuring Hailu Mergia

There is perhaps no woman more cherished in modern Ethiopian history than Asnakech Worku. As a musician, actress, dancer and cultural icon, Asnakech inspired and challenged society for decades, until her death in 2011. She was an internationally-celebrated performer of Ethiopia’s ancient harp, the krar, making her one of the most visible female musicians of the 20th century.

6 responses to “Asnakech Worku — Asnakech (featuring Hailu Mergia) Out November 16”

  1. Awlachew Wondirad says:

    one of the best music in ethiopia olden days
    pls why do not MULUKEN MELESSE has one LP in 1972 recorded by tango music has a lot demand.
    wondirad from australia

  2. Kwesta says:

    Her songs are inspirational

  3. Love her song, they inspire me

  4. Awlachew Wondirad says:

    after asnakech what is next plain cdpls let me know and you cannot put on MULUKEN MELESSE VINLY 1972 ISthe old music has demand.pls email to me.

  5. Awlachew Wondirad says:

    pls email to me

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