Amagnon Koumagnon – Musique Traditionnelle Du Benin


Face A
Aya Obakiwe Lodo

Face B

Sublime polyrhythms and snappy vernacular for the year’s first snowy Sunday.

12 responses to “Amagnon Koumagnon – Musique Traditionnelle Du Benin”

  1. Ben says:

    First off, thanks for the great tapes.

    In a previous post, somewhere, you stated that the reason you record in mono. I was wondering if you could elaborate… Is it that your tape deck doesn’t have a stereo out?

    I record old dancehall mixtapes with the same set up as you, Audacity, MacBook, and I get stereo, so I’m wondering if maybe I can help out.

  2. aduna says:

    Hello thursdayborn,

    You’re definitely someone like a modern griot! Using internet like a talking percusion.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. maryanne says:

    Hi there, fantastic site..thank you!
    Quick question, know of a Rwandan musician named, Umubano Mu Banto? A friend of mine put this beautiful track on a mixed tape..unfortunately it broke :(

  4. MR. FRANCIS says:

    I’m loving all these tapes, man. The Ata Kak has been a staple for every time I DJ.

    Here’s a mix I made with my own African / bugalu / desi discoveries:

    Hope you dig it!

  5. Jazz Dancer says:

    eh!..very good music…but I don’t know to get it…because here in Argentina there’s nothing of this tapes to buy…do you know a website or another blog to download this music?…

    thanks…keep on with the music…

    I give my myspace…this is my music… …I hope you like it…

  6. thursdayborn says:

    these tapes were almost all bought in africa. in the u.s. there are a few stores in most big cities were you might find music like this, but online i have not come across a reliable source with lots of variety. anyone know?

  7. Jolo says:

    thank you for this and all the other music on this site

  8. Joey says:

    Hey man, thanks for this tape. Great groove! You’re site is a great source for good music. Keep it up!

    Oh, and what year is this from, if you could tell me?


  9. David says:

    Well here we are at the end of 2012, and I just wanted to let you know that 5-year-old postings are still getting new – and very happy – listeners! And that smile on the tape cover really warms the heart on a cold winter day… Thank you!

  10. Thanks David, how nice to hear!

  11. Uncle BJ. says:

    Fantastic blog, fantastic post. and the remark about 5 yr old posts is on the money.

  12. kat hunt says:

    i have listened to this tape countless times now because it makes my baby instantly fall asleep and stay asleep. first of all, it’s a masterpiece. and, i have so many questions! i’d love to know what these songs are about if anyone out there can illuminate. also, any suggestions for similar artists, styles. the polyrhythmic drumming soothes baby like no other!

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