Alpha Wess — Baade Gemba

Alpha Wess from Guinea

Face A

Allah Yo


Baga Nanna




Face B

Baadé Gemba

Alpha Sakeli Kharera


La Développement


Alpha Wess = Great reggae from Guinea (circa 2002), courtesy of my friend Malick in Montreal, big ups.











4 responses to “Alpha Wess — Baade Gemba”

  1. Gregg A Evans says:

    I’ve heard a lot of boring reggae from other countries but this is solid. Thanks

  2. kingpossum says:

    Hearty thanks for everything you do with the ATFA blog and label. I really want to dig this but I can’t get past the Kenny G style sax bits. Otherwise solid as @Gregg A Evans notes.

  3. Aboubacar demba camara says:

    Merci alpha WESS long vie à toi frère.

  4. Chris says:

    I lost this tape years ago. Always missed it, and youtube only has parts of it. Huge tanks!!!

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