Alhassan Ibrahim (Zilindoo Lunsi-Naa) — Naa Mahama-Kpema


Side A

Zuu Mahamu Akonsi
Tugulana Iddi
Kari-Naa Bukari
Naa Mahama-Kpema
Bukari Kantanparim

Side B

Kari-Naa Alhassan
Oun Be-Nkpang
Naa Mahama-Bia
Naa Omariga
Naa Yakubu

This is praise music from Northern Ghana. Alhassan Ibrahim is apparently a hereditary master drummer-historian, something of a griot among the Dagomba. Each track is a song dedicated to various local bigwigs, many of whom are chiefs (as evidenced by the prefix naa in their names).

Be sure to check the second side. This is repetitive-sounding music but side b has some pretty riotous moments.

One response to “Alhassan Ibrahim (Zilindoo Lunsi-Naa) — Naa Mahama-Kpema”

  1. This reminds me so much about my childhood. Growing up at my Grandparents, we listened to a lot of “ganga”, “gurmi” and “kalangu” music in Nothern Nigeria. It seems fro this tape that the music is similar to that of Nothern Ghana.
    With my love for African music, when I was 20 I created a site for it which didn’t survive probably because it was ahead of it’s time. Now I am trying it again with an African online TV company.

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