Aby Ngana Diop – Liital

Face A
Yaye Penda Mbaye

Face B

In lieu of that new cassette deck I am posting something special, which was sent to me by a loyal reader. His laid back assurance that “it’s a good tape” might be the understatement of the moment.

Aby Ngana Diop’s first song conjures drum n’ bass circa 1993 lurking in the shadows of the most brutal Senegalese sabar drums Dakar has to offer. And the rest of the tape just gets more astounding. Don’t even get me started on Face B. All highly frenetic and joyous and brilliant.

This is the kind of tape for which I reserve a certain level of enthusiasm, one that is so good and left-field that I don’t know whether to shout from the rooftops or bury the thing in my backyard.

31 responses to “Aby Ngana Diop – Liital”

  1. icastico says:

    One of my favorites…

  2. Richard says:

    That song “Liital.” Wow. Just…wow.

  3. Z-Man says:

    Wow! I love the musique concrete bits. Best post in months.

  4. Anonymous says:

    M.I.T.’s Professor Patricia Tang has also made at least one presentation regarding this genre, and specifically talking about the “Dieuleul” song. If I remember correctly: “take it, take it, take it; if you want it, take it.” Those with a scholarly inclination (and the interest) can surely find the published version of that brief paper. Lest I forget to mention: the music is, not just great, but kick ass!

  5. The music is great. I love the cover, too. I never that new my kindly grandma made this kind of music.

  6. mike3k says:

    I thought I was the only person who owned this cassette. Really great music.

  7. julie says:

    liiital made me to say that this is best one


  8. iamrogue5 says:

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  9. buelah says:

    there is mistake in the tracks but not so good


  10. Anonymous says:

    thank you for this one! it is awesome as you have noted.

  11. Dom says:

    The first track – Dieuleul-Dieuleul is sampled and slowed down at the start of NWA – Express Yourself.

  12. jacob says:

    yeah this one is wild

  13. peter says:

    yup, fantastic!
    thanks, loyal reader!

  14. ouscaphil says:

    This tape is out of control! Great blog. I think of it often as I wander the tape markets in India. I haven’t given into the urge to start digging yet though. I really should buy a tape player soon. peace.


  15. Joshtown says:

    I can’t even believe how good this is.

  16. jmatt says:

    any chance of a higher quality mp3 or wav? either way thanks a lot for posting this it is amazing!!

  17. Aaron says:

    Holy Hell this is incredible.

  18. Anonymous says:

    man this is truly amazing stuff. how can i get this on my computer? i must have this!! AAAAHHGGHH

  19. Anonymous says:

    THankyou for excellent taste and generosity

  20. Anonymous says:

    Burn it, bury it kill a chicken and pour its blood over the dirt where this is buried so it never, never comes to life again.

  21. Taliesin says:

    YO B-

    the iformation age IS conveniant- someone dropped this on WFMU tonight and a commenter reminded us that you had posted it… fuck yes. steady locked

  22. Amazing stuff. I actually have my own copy found in a Senegalese shop on 116th St. in Manhattan (if I recall correctly) a few years ago which I’ve played on WFMU. I’m not a music blogger but I’m amazed at what unlikely artifacts from my collection are turning up in the blogosphere these days. But this is definitely the right place for this one – one might say definitive (as in awesome)!

  23. meltedrubbersoul says:

    She’s commanding me to do something, but I don’t know what it is. Creepy, hypnotic, the perfect music for my pizza delivery gig. THank you.

  24. Feq'wah says:

    Huh, quite something different than the mbalax etoille de dakar is offering…nice!

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. fabuleux,merci beaucoup,bravo pour votre travail,merci encore,

  27. Samuel Miers says:

    I cant believe this tape

  28. […] Aby Ngana Diop was the most famous taasukat in Dakar, Senegal in the 1980s and 1990s. Taasu is a Wolof-language poetic style, usually performed by women griots over frenetic drum patterns, with an aggressive verbal flow thought to presage rap. Her only album Liital was groundbreaking in the history of Senegalese music because it was the first commercial recording to feature a traditional female taasukat performing to the modern accompaniment of mbalax, Senegal’s quintessential pop genre. […]

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