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The most recent new and reissued African music that’s arrived in the ATFA shop, on all formats, LP, CD, Tape and Digital.


Awesome Tapes From Africa began in 2006 as a blog where hard-to-find but relevant cassettes are available for streaming or free download.

Music from Senegal by Soda Mama Fall

Soda Mama Fall — Taïf ak Baïla

Face A Cheixou Na Oumou Xairy Cora Fall DAFF Face B Visa Ndaaq Domou Adama Xady Lo Magnificent…

Tewahedo music

Tewahedo Vol 7

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7 Track 8 Track 9…

Ethiopian musician Hailu Mergia

Hailu Mergia’s New Album “Yene Mircha” Out 27 March

Hailu Mergia’s new album “Yene Mircha” comes out 27 March on Awesome Tapes From Africa. Order LP/CD/Tape from…

Wassoulou Fênin Vol. 1

Face A Signana Tôlun Djigui Diarabi Face B Deli Naban Araba Dô Malian electro-acoustic neo-traditional pop at its…

kwaito from South Africa

The Shebeen Masters– Nomoro Ke Yona

Side A Intro/Nomoro Ke Yona Chesta Chesta Koba Dance Side B Matop “7” Re Bathla Zero Ae Namele…

Traditional music master singer from Mali Hawa Drame

Hawa Drame

Face A Yelema Segoutiguiton Diguile Face B Syllamaramba Adja Est Quelei Nama Corossi Graba Mama If you’re not…

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