Musiliu Haruna Ishola & His Apala Remix — Soyoyo

Musiliu Haruna Ishola

Side 1

Ise Oluwa Ko Seni Toye

Eyin Agba

Late Chief (Mrs.) Lydia Fasawe

Late Prince Gbenga Adeboye

Opon Apala Ti Sun

Side 2

My Dear (Apala Remix)

Akoko Olute Lorin Wa

Ba O Ri Igun Ao Gbode Sebo

Fadaka Club

Nibo Loboran Miyun


Found this at a Nigerian shop in Brooklyn not too long ago. Track 1 on Side 2 is a monster. Haruna Ishola‘s son Musiliu makes music, didn’t know that til now. This is a revitalized take on apala music, a percussive Yoruba Muslim genre of popular music from back in the day (ie 1930s-70s heyday).

2 responses to “Musiliu Haruna Ishola & His Apala Remix — Soyoyo”

  1. Gregg A Evans says:

    I was just checking this guy out on a video and thinking it was his father. This sounds more modern than the video.

    What is he singing about? is it ad libbing? very interested in apala

  2. Brother Rabbit. says:

    Love this stuff. What an awesome rhythm.The snare is super fonky.Thanks beaucoup.

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