Thursday, February 06, 2014


Aïcha Tachinwite

Side A
Track 1
Track 2

Side B
Track 3
Track 4

Moroccan musique Souss disco dreams for days. Vintage songs by a recognized diva of Amazigh song styles of the Souss region. Lots to be joyful for here, so intense, long tunes full of tension and brilliant harmonic trademarks that might get stuck in your head if you don't pass out from ecstatic dancing first.

Hi, I'm going to Morocco (in Sousse region actually) in 2 months and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where to dig for music there?

What does the title of this album translate as??

Need deets for my iTunes yo!

This is a compact cassette that has no title to it; it's how Moroccan record labels mostly issue their music as a hotchpotch collection of songs of one artist's repertoire depending on the songs' popularity (and, 'sellability').

All in all, I think this CC dates back to the late '80s, probably 1989.

Dig with a shovel, yo.

Do u have more Ethiopian music? I have listened to all of the previous posts from Ethiopia. Btw i don't want to sound ungrateful, I have been following your blog and I'm an admirer of your work.
Truly an "Awesome" tape from Africa!
Thanks for this oldie/goodie!

There's no album title other than "Sawt el Ahbab présente Aïcha Tachinwite"

There are 3 song titles listed on the j-card. Here's how I mapped them to the 4 tunes on the tape:

01 [no title listed]
02 Bu Lhub Isukit Uwadu
03 Safi Safi
04 Yigane Iguiguile Ibane

By the way, she's called "Tachinwite" because she has a sort of Asian look. (Chinwi = chinese-male, Tachinwit - chinese-female). She emphasizes this in her look and sometimes in her music. The Soussi Berber music is already pentatonic, and some of the textures on this tape seem to mimic stereotypically East Asian sounds (e.g., beginning of track 2 with it's plucked-zither sounds).
Awesome music. Thank you :)
I saw Aïcha Tachinwite perform in Agadir 2 years ago. High energy concert! Her Bollywood influenced dance moves were quite popular...
not surprised you're up on her already, jace!
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