Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Bintou Sidibe

Side A
Samba Dian

Side B
Neye Dounanye

This cassette = all superior everything. Wassoulou rhythms fly by thusly: confident female vocalist Sidibe leads kamelngoni and flute on a call-and-response-fueled country drive. Oh and best supporting actor goes to the pure-toned guitar poking its head out at crucial moments. I am finding recording this nonstop awesome, keeping it on repeat for the past two days. Doubtless worth a 30-minute pause in whatever you're doing today.

Hi Brian, is Bintou Sidibe related to the Sidibe sistersSali, Coumba and Kagbe ?
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Talking about Les Soeurs Sidibe, does anyone have the K7 of them? Looking for it ever since I heard them for the first time back in de 90s...
Thank you for the info. Therefore, I guess the "sidibe sisters" singing a song called Sabali in the Album Electric & Acoustic Mali are Assetou & Rokia ? You can hear the song here :
awesome indeed, thank you.
Wonderful tape! Many thanks.
@ Rico
There are a "Sidibé Sisters" but they are Assetou and Rokia, the other Sidibé singers are not sisters.

Bintou Sidibé is one of the voices of Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali.

There is an error in the titles of Djigui and Neye Dounanye, the songs are exchanged

Oumou Sangare after, also recorded Néné, a wassulu popular song, people often discuss in Mali, if it's better, Oumou or Bintou version,for this song that talks about the passion shivers in the night.
Yes I know that album, I got it since it was released, they are the same Sisters, there are another song internationally published in The Wassoulou Sound: Women of Mali - Volume 2, "Nila Kanou" (There is a funny video in ytb for this song) but they debuted in Africa as "Rokia et Assetou".
Really amazing stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing it. Cheers from Madrid, Spain.
amazing music!!
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