Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His International Brothers — A Christmas Special By The King of Juju

Side A 
Odun Keresimesi 
Irinse Lojona Obey O Jona 
Irin Ajo
Ile Oba To Jo 

Side B 
Ka So Wo Po 
Oro Obi Pelu Iyawo 
Oro Oko Pelu Obi 
Olatunbosun Banmeke

Happy holidays y'all. My best good homie Seb from Brussels (part of the wonderful Rebel Up! outfit)) blessed this xmas eve with a crucial Nigerian juju Christmas-themed tape by an Awesome Tapes From Africa favorite guy, check out his description:
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas, Nigerian juju style by Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His International Brothers: A Christmas Special By The King of Juju! Since the 50's Ebenezer Obey had been crafting his special juju-highlife sound, which is a mix of Yoruba percussion, talking drums, electric guitars and vocals in Yoruba. Later in his life he only started playing Christian gospel music (a fate which many Nigerian musicians seems to befall from a certain age onwards) and he passed away in 2011 in Lagos university hospital at the age of 67. 

This tape was recorded sometime in the 60's with his then-band International Brothers. It was a golden find in one of the many Nigerian stalls around London's Brixton market last spring. Both sides are filled with heavenly sweet jangling guitars, muffled percussion, talking drums and festive Yoruba singing, with some surprise Christmas melodies played as one continuous medley in lo-fi tropical spheres. As the title already said, the chief was the self-proclaimed king of juju and we can only bow down to his legacy. Listen to these funky Christmas waves and have a great one!

Monday, December 09, 2013


Boureima Disco et le Super Bonkaney

Face A
Gahame Bani

Face B
???? (mystery extra track)

Zarma-language music from Niger with that tell-tale melodic shape and Sahelian rhythmic lilt plus, crucially, additional left-field electronic quirks. Let it set you on a specific kind of new path to polyrhythmic greatness. Long workouts layering ostinatos, what I adore about Tendé music. Give me more. The mystery track is next level. Here's more info on this tape.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Mama Yergue Barry

Face A
Djama Guinee Dyente Mama Barry
Attye Guere Ka Leydi Man
Ko Neebhwo Gidho Nafai
Petit Mamadou

Face B
Guinee Hassimiou
Menenga Eha
Wa Neene Alaa/Haaianan Ko Faaladha

Don't fuck with a blind Fulani griot and his calabash. In addition to the crippling effects of this spider-like dextrous gourd snapping, this recording slaps the listen around with spare and fiery flute playing—some tastes and flavors espoused by the traditionally itinerant Peul people, the ones around the Fouta-Djalon region of Guinea. More on that huge musical topic here, thanks in part to the tireless work of Banning Eyre.

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