Friday, November 01, 2013


Saramba Kouyate — 56

Face A
Sene Foli
Na Sombou

Face B

So you're sitting home on a Friday night and you just want to kick it to some dynamic diva from Mali while she floats along a tinkly river of luminescence (a.k.a. gold medal griot accompaniment). Can't blame you for nurturing this sophisticated craving.

UPDATE tonight Friday November 8 is now at Body Actualized Center (
143 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11206), come party with ATFA, serious dub vibes duo Blazer Sound System and special guest Addis Pablo.

Hi Brian

still missing Noumou Foly (A 2) on
Diakari Dia Diakite dit Dia, July 2010.
Maybe you could fix it, now?
Yes please, Noumou foly track only contains noise.
Thanks, another great one. Sounds like this tape has the very same tinkling keyboard + guitarist combination as an earlier tape you posted:
Just discovered Awesome tapes from Africa. Boom. And this tape is incredible. rsz
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