Saturday, October 12, 2013


Seleshe Damessae — Vol. 1

Side A
Denbushe Gela
Ya Megale
Aya Ho Ho
Waria Wata

Side B
Segno Maskegno
Ete Mete
Ere Amsale
Chey Belew

Oh, how I love the sound of the krar. The ancient instrument scales pentatonic heights in the attics of my mind. So simple yet so jarringly complex.

If you like this tape, buy Damessae's incredible record that's been ringing in my ears for years now.

Could you pls release in FLAC? I would love to have losless-quality for these tracks!
haha i wish i could slap you upside the head in FLAC... this is free music, don't be greedy!
What country is this tape from?
what country is this tape from?
Thank you for the nice tape and for the record recommendation!
and another great Seleshe :
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