Saturday, September 14, 2013


Announcing Penny Penny "Shaka Bundu" (ATFA008), Out November 12

Those of you who've been following Awesome Tapes From Africa the blog and/or DJ sets might be aware of my nagging obsession with South African singer and mid-school Tsonga disco [Shangaan disco] superstar Penny Penny. Thanks to Wills and Tshepong, longtime friends who hooked me up with his classic debut tape from 1994, I have been listening to and loving this recording for years now.

It took a bit of time to track down the busy politician, humanitarian and stadium-filling musician, but with the help and encouragement from Penny and his brilliant producer Joe Shirimani (who is a huge deal himself in the Tsonga music world), Shaka Bundu will be coming out on Awesome Tapes From Africa on November 12 worldwide on LP/CD/MP3/C60.

Do a little dance to the first single from this groundbreaking and inspiring piece of post-Apartheid South Africa pop history.

Nice artikel,,salam
awesome news bro!!!
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Is pre-order available on C60? Thanks. Aweasome blog!
preorder for penny penny tapes not yet ready but soon! thanks for asking.
Hi guys. I am a friend of Penny Penny and put this video together. It shows some amazing live scenes from his performances. Enjoy!

Great to see it is out at last. You are being advertised in "Uncut" over here in the UK so hopefully will attract some discerning listeners. Needless to say I'll be giving it a plug myself.

Hi, I was wondering if the CD will be available again soon--it seems to be out of stock on the SC Distribution web site. Thanks!

hi jason, not sure what the problem is, would you mind trying amazon or some other place? it's def not out of stock.
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