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Yemane Ghebremichael — Vol. 2

Side A
Track 1 
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4

Side B
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8

This 1992 recording (1986 in Ethiopian calendar) is an awesome tape. I've had a YouTube crush on the music of Eritrean legend Yemane G/Michael (aka Yemane Baria, Yemane Barya, etc) for a while and this mostly-acoustic recording is completely bringing me back to a recent trip to Tigray, Ethiopia. The region neighbors Eritrea, and shares a language and musical vibe. I dug this tape up from deep in the stash months ago but didn't really get into it until now. Pentatonic strings and keyboard join the vocal melodies, dancing up and down in a lovely lilt. Amidst the quintessential [ka-dunk] rhythm that is characteristic of a lot of Tigrinya folk music I heard around the Eritrean border, this tape stands out: minimally arranged, urgent, beautiful.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I was recently asked to take down these links because these guys are planning to release the record here.

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I don't have any idea what this is going to sound like... which is one of the main attractions... thanks very much!
Huge thanks for sharing this!

great post ... Barya is one of the most popular ethiopian & eritrean singers of all times!

since I run blog dedicated to ethiopian (and eritrean music) I will repost it a.s.a.p. with credits, of course!

to this *day I have no idea what the best way is to pull the music down on the site... is there no big zip file with all the mp3s in a particular post? or like... a player?
if you use firefox there's a plug in you can dl for free from them that is called Download Them All. It will dl everything on the page at once.

I think that there is so much free music on here, representing an enormous amount of time and effort on the parts of the artists, as we ll as myself in terms of posting them. the least you can do is manage to click your mouse several times for these tracks. life is short but it's not that short, you can manage.
(Always astonishing how ungrateful/lazy we can all be expecting everything on a plate....) I'm very happy to click several times for the chance to hear extraordinary music UI'd otherwise not experience. Thanks so much for the Ethipian music: hoping this one is (in a different way) as fascinating as that Ethiopian monk and his giant harp!! Thank you Brian!!!!
i wish i could find out more about this release. album title? track names?
Links for this seem to be down?

Thanks, Brian for finding all this music!
How do I learn more about the "ka dunk" rhythm? I have been enrapt with Eritrean music for years but despite much time spent looking, cannot find any real information/literature/analysis of it. I think it is some of the most beautiful and transcendent music, I never want it to end. Any resources or point in the right direction would be much appreciated, and of course more music like it!

Thank you for what you do.
the links to the songs don't seem to work today
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