Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Kwaya Ya Patandi — Msifungiwe Nira Vol 3

Side A
Msifungiwe Nira  
Dunia Inapita
Mwana Mpotevu
Hakuna Wokovu
Haya Shime
Bwana Asema

Side B
Imba Imba
Jipe Moyo Mkuu
Kazi Yake
Ni Nani
Ni Kweli
Bwana Wangu

*—There was an extra song at the end (I think)

As the overall vibe of their music videos attests, Kwaya Ya Patandi are a dead serious gospel choir bursting with joy and spirit. There's a relaxing lilt to all this, despite the sterile effect of what sounds like an old Thomas church organ jamming out those hallow beats and majestic harmonies.

Tanzania's gospel scene is large and varied. This group from Arusha represents one regional approach to perhaps the most malleable musical forms out there. Taarab gospel, gospel reggae, soukous gospel, etc. It's all been happening for a long time and represents a huge part of the music industry in many places.

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Amazing !! So Joyful
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