Thursday, June 27, 2013


Wedel Bikri

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Sudanese tape I bought in Ethiopia recently is really hitting me hard this week. There's an excellent confluence of things happening on this recording that I am just so into right now: heartfelt tenor vocals; expected Sudanese popular song horn/string stabs; unexpected rhythmic breakdowns and melodic twists. I don't have any info about this artist. Google deepened the mystery, offering suggestions like "weird al bakery." So, I guess, just enjoy for now.

Wad El-Bakri: Oumri Al-Baghi (What's Left of My Years). Year: mid-1990s.

ود البكري, full name: Abdel-Baqi Ahmad Al-Bakri, is a Sudanese singer from the White-Nile delta region. He used to work as a pharmacist, and started singing at local haflas (communal parties and gatherings) paid too little for his singing and rabab-playing in the early 80's. Then with time, he learned to master the oud and got his full backing orchestra. Lately, he began singing only madayeh (adulatory) religious songs on a satellite channel in Sudan.

wow, this is so good. i love it. thank you!!
Really nice stuff. Made my day listening to this at work.
Really good! Thank you!
so damn good. track 2 reminds some of the 60s sudanese group al balabil, one of my favorites from the continent.
another great sudanese singer : Mohammed Wardi - [1994] - Live in Addis Ababa

download link :

Is Weird Al Bakery some sort of confectionary-based tribute to Weird Al Yankovic?
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