Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Simon's Slow Music from Africa Vol. 2 mixtape

At long last, for the true heads who've been following Awesome Tapes From Africa for years now. One of my closest homies in the music/life continuum, Simon, has returned with a new mix of personal classics on vinyl. Without further ado, Simon's Slow Music from Africa mixtape Vol 2.


Lord's Special - Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Nigeria
La Guinée-Wodi - Orchestre de Kindia (Dirou Band) - Guinea
Yatouloveras - UCAS Band de Sedhiou - Senegal
Teranga - Ouza et Teranga International Band - Senegal
Feresirima - Peacocks International Guitar Band − Nigeria
Na - Djorçon - Guinea-Bissau
Duga - Orchestre Rail Band - Mali
Sigala -  Magatte N'diaye with Star Band de Dakar - Senegal
Touraman - Horoya Band National - Guinea
Sali - Amadou Ballake Traore - Burkina Faso
Ma Penda - Orchestre Bawobab Gouye-Gui de Dakar - Senegal
Footaane - Etoile de Dakar - Senegal
Douga - Quintette Guinéenne - Guinea
Ife Uwa Adi Agwuagwu - Celestine Ukwu - Nigeria
Danaya - Nahawa Doumbia - Mali

Drpobox suspend your accont :( "Error (509)". do you have any alternative download location? Thanks!
fixed it with a new link!
Holy crap this is too good!!!

BIG thanks
is the new link not working for anyone else? i only get about 30 sec of audio. cheers and thanks
is the new link not working for anyone else? i only get about 30 sec of audio. cheers.
Much appreciated...

Volume 1 has become a regular in my music rotation as I wander through life. The mix is at times joyous and at times haunting but always beautiful.

I look forward to this incredibly generous gift of Volume 2.

I salute you!
This is so good. So, so good. So, so, so good. You get the idea.


p.s. -- So, so, so, so good.
Just curious:
how does Simon identify the music rights owners - composers and authors - of all these songs?
How are these music rights owners eventually going to receive their copyright royalties?
it's a mixtape, one doesn't need to attain rights to put together a mixtape. there are no royalties if a mixtape is not being made available for sale....
incredible - thanks a lot! listened it on the train yesterday and was about to cry in some moments for it´s intensity and try to find some of these tunes as original, well will be difficult though - jochen
holy mother of africa, yes, this is almost too good!

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