Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tondjon — Niyak3

Face A

Face B
Les Droit Des Enfants
Imadatji (Remix)

Rap from Mali. Deal with it. I think "tondjon" means "slaves" in Bambara.

tɔnjɔn - captive of the crown (in the time of the kingdom of Segou). From Gérard Dumestre's Dictionnaire bambara-français.

Also, that last character is not the number 3, it's an"open e" (ɛ). In modern Bambara, it sounds like the e in bet, as opposed to regular e, which sounds like "ay."

Funny that they would use Bambara vowels there, but not for the word tɔnjɔn.
yep! cool.

in twi (ghana) they also have that vowel, just didn't know how to write it on the keyboard :)
Rap from Mali, I can deal. Just please tell me these two don't wear their clothes backwards.

Blessings and thanks for the post.
Is it just me or is there a sample/reference to MJ's 'Smooth Criminal' in Fanga???

Thanks for posting all this awesome music!
where can I buy this tape?

where can I buy this tape?
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