Thursday, February 28, 2013


Madiodio Gning—Sultanu Arifine

Face A
Sultanu Arifine
Kuy Def Lou Bakh
Doom Dou Bakh
Lamdou Lamdoubi

Face B
Andou Diamonodji
Nila Waramel

Powerful female singer from Senegal seeking listeners to vibe to this. Inquire within.

Great music!

By the way, can we order Dur-Dur Band's limited cassette edition before its release?
Yes! They will ship to people starting next week!!
Very good indeed--thanks for posting this. I hope others will find their way here to hear this.
great flow...
awesome indeed...
Impressive. I've seen her name mentioned in a few other places on the Web, but never heard her before. Thanks for providing that.
Today the famous Senegalese singer of traditional songs Madiodio Ngingue passed away...
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