Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Blind Musical Flames—Flames Morale

Side A
High Morale
Tifi Sidom

Side B
Big Berin
Poda Poda
Seda Seda

Positive greetings from essential Sierra Leonean sight-impaired super-group Blind Musical Flames. Welcome to 2013. We're starting light for now here at Awesome Tapes From Africa, deeper heavies to come. Hope you like simple pleasures, some dancing and a little bit of reggae.

So bright and warm for a cold January!
Thank you for posting music from frequently overlooked Sierra Leone. Any readers visiting Freetown should head straight to the Cassette Sellers Association upstairs at 9 Sackville Street for a large room piled high with cassettes and CDs and a helpful vendor. You'll walk away very happy!
Great tunes. I lived in Sierra Leone for a couple years. A lot of radio music is mostly Krio hip-hop these days, (which is still very nice, just a different vibe).

Are they singing about Strasser and the junta on High Morale? Does it have a year on the package?
sounds like bavarian style in the beginning, as played at german carnival sometimes.
great outfits,
had to listen when i saw this cover
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