Thursday, March 22, 2012


Lamissa Bengali—CAN 2002

Face A
Jema Yiri
Tie Pi

Face B
Ce Boda Muso

Jump for joy, this is blazin Senoufo balafon music from Mali at the hands of a mallet maestro to the extreme. Rock to these husky vocals as well, mes potes. Lamissa Bengali (or Bengaly) is joined by a coterie of Bengali brothers (Djakaride Bengali, Mamoutou Bengali, Seydou Bengali, Sidi Bengali). This man knew how to carry the torch of his regional traditional sounds, stuff the whole family can enjoy, circa 2001.

BTW—check out this music video of Bola (forthcoming release on Awesome Tapes From Africa) doing his thing.

Catch me DJing those phenomenal (and sometimes fickle) tapes in Hamburg at the Golden Pudel on March 28 or Berlin (supporting Konono no.1) at Gretchen on March 29.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Alhaji Ayinla Omowura—Ati D'Ariyo

Side 1

Side 2

Warbly low end, complex bubbly rhythms that are part Yoruba talking drums, part bad tape... I love the almost meandering, laid back apala tempo, at one point a precursor to faster, more frenetic fuji music (with which I have lately been obsessed).

I have always enjoyed the solo and chorus vocals throughout this late 70s apala joint by one of the king practitioners of the genre. Oh nice, iTunes has a few other recordings by Nigeria's late great Alhaji Ayinla Omowura.

Monday, March 05, 2012


Brahima Guitar—Tchilla

Face A
Rognan Gaminin
Djon Ti Laban Lô

Face B
Gboron Fani

This might not be my favorite tape ever but this content and rhythmic Ivorian guitar/accordion meditation on middle-of-the-road tastefulness could not come from a more angelic-looking man, who happens to go by the name of Mr. Guitar. Longest sentence ever.

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