Monday, November 12, 2012


Very excited to announce the next Awesome Tapes From Africa release. Dur-Dur Band Volume 5 comes out March 19 February 5, 2013. The classic Somali band's 1987 recording captures some of the incredible sounds happening in Mogadishu during that era. More info soon.

Félicitations, je suis impatient d'entendre cet enregistrement.
Incredible cassette!

Dur-Dur FTW.

Wait, that's not a cassette? Uh.

Well, it must be then a good comp.

It is a complete cassette heretofore unavailable outside Somalia. Not a comp.
Great news. Looking forward to its release.
Wow, great work, Brian!
Can't wait, will have to. Anyway great News. Thanks al lot
Super Seite ich komme wieder hierher um zu sehen was es neues gibt in den nächsten Wochen.


I am happy to see another Dur Dur cassette reappear! I found a cassette from the early 1990ies in Ethiopia:’s
LB and CD ?
hey keynaan, itwill be LP and CD (and mp3 and cassette)!
Ya me llegó la nueva cinta que compré en Awesome Tapes From Africa. El blog está haciendo auténtico furor en internet y...
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