Sunday, November 04, 2012


Hirut Bekele

Side A
Track 1

beautiful lady. i love the b/w clips of her sporting an afro! and, yeah, i have no problem watching stuff in a foreign language. it really freaks some people out -- OMG what are the SAYING?!?!?! But its usually totally obvious from the context, anyway...
wow i think this is one of the most beautiful things ive heard in a long while! thank you!!!
thank you so much tha' organ o god wut can we do so alive look at our netwrks and you gave us the files the beauty encod'd and digital: and o and o it's no less real.

very much gratitude
could someone please transliterate the title?
This is really beautiful, thank you !
We can use 3D glasses to see her getting out from the cover. I've never saw before such a great anaglyph in a tape.
wow ! this is, track A1 to B7 altogether, bloody amazing !

somebody please transliterate the title & track names, PLEASE !
Thank you so much! The banjo instrument and the organ stand out so much on these
is this beautiful music for sale anywhere?
Awesome music and flavor ! you have an exceptional mine of fascinating music !
thanks a lot !
beautiful lady with wonderful voice, i tried to watch her documentary, even though it's not in english i kind of got the idea she is/was one of the top singers of her country.
I have no problem listening through the loss of treble, which is what often hits magnetic tape, first. (Hell, I review archival operatic singers going back to the turn of the 20th century. Talk about bad acoustics.) But I can't help wishing that first cut was available somewhere for hearing in excellent shape, because the orchestral textures sound wonderful. In any case, thanks for making this available to all!
another unknown Hirut Bekele's tape >
WOW! What a beautiful lady with amazing voice! I wonder where I can buy more of her songs.
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