Monday, September 24, 2012


FAC Alliance—Mariama

Face A
Telephone Love
Conakry By Night

Bee Labe Labe


Face B
Marche Doucement
Guiggol Maayata

*—Super warbly tape alert. Apologies for the awesome, nearly unlistenable effect.

Rap from Guinea, steeped in that quintessential urban West African stew of hip-hop, soul, dancehall and traditional rhythms and sounds (FAC Alliance lists Fulani, Susu and Mandinka inspiration on their website). There might be a touch too much reggae at times for me but I'm captivated by the overall vibe Nondi K, Pap G and Mista X are repping here. Frank Bessem's great encyclopedia has some more background here.


fuck that warbly one sounds so great !
i know it sucks.

But Props to u awesome tape from Africa!
youre doing great for findind this gems
Thankyou, you've just made my day.
I like his balaclava: homage to Pussy Riot?
mariama has been stuck in my head for some months now, thank you !
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