Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Yedenou Adjahoui et son Groupe Folklorique d'Avarankou R.P. Benin

Face A

Face B

Traditional music from the Béninoise vodoun sound extraordinaire Yedenou Adjahoui.

thanks for some of the more traditional, non-electric, non-guitar, non-synth sounds!!! thank you very much...
Hey there! Thanks for all the wonderful music!!!

If you don't mind, I ould like to ask you a question, around 1082/1983 I recorded a song from Dutch radio, Kollington and his Fuji 78 Organisation....

I have been looking for the last 30 years for this and so far no luck, I honestly think it is the great Kollington's finest work and hope you can tell me from what album it is....

I just posted it on my own blog, hoping for answers:

Wishing you the very best, Henk Madrotter

Many thanks.
Thanks for this!
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